Farm accommodation

Maatilamajoitus Koski-Tuurin Kammarit

Affordable accommodation in the countryside! Lodging is possible both in the apartment in the main building and in the guest rooms all year round. During the summer it is possible to stay even at the small barn in the yard, or perhaps in the hidden chamber, an old granary furnished according to the style of the farmers back in the day? The small, heated cottage in the garden can accommodate two people. It is possible to stay in the farm even with pets. The farm is easy to find and most of the time it is even possible to find a room with a short notice. There are animals in the farm.
Tuurinkyläntie 101, 63610 TUURI
tel. 040 849 7914

Tilamatkailu Nummela

Calm and cosy lodging in the beautiful lake landscape of Rantatöysä. Open throughout the year.
Rantatöysäntie 448, 63410 RANTATÖYSÄ (ALAVUS)
tel. 06 514 1202

Maatilamatkailu Heikin Tupa

An organic farm by the lake. Accommodation options B&B, all inclusive, and self-catering. Activities upon demand. An excellent location for a celebration.
Lehtimäentie 1147, 63600 TÖYSÄ
tel. 06 526 6620 tai 0400/0500 861 176

Tohninmäen Talo

This building in Tohni that once used to be a school offers nowadays charming grounds for parties, events and conferences. Planning and service with alcohol license. Food for groups upon demand. Accommodation throughout the year in a fully equipped house, as well as B&B in the summer in a granary that can accommodate 2-4 people. Peat treatments and gift cards for sale. Pastries upon demand. Possibility for programme on demand.
Tohninmäentie 481, 63600 TÖYSÄ
tel. 040 726 2501

Niemen maatila

A farm house built in 1954, renovated in 2014 can accommodate up to 8 people. The house is equipped with all the necessities, e.g. washing machine, laundry machine, microwave oven, kettle, coffee machine, television, Internet with cable connection, cutlery etc. Possibility to rent towels and sheets upon demand. Possibility to use the wood-heated sauna in a separate building. A calm farm with horses and other animals.
Salonkyläntie 1167, 63610 TUURI
tel. 040 412 0953

Suutalan mansikkatalo

Come and get familiar with our organic strawberry farm and its summery activities! We offer self-catering accommodation throughout the year in a renovated apartment with a sauna. The apartment that is in the second floor of a charming old school house used to belong to teachers.
Suutalantie 55, 63640 Ritola (Töysä)
Suutalan mansikkatalo, Karoliina Suutala
tel. 044 585 8016

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