Sepänniemen Lomakylä

Sepänniemen Lomakylä resort by the lake Ponnenjärvi offers 12 cottages, 20 spots for caravans with electric hook-up points, spots for tents, as well as beach, three saunas, an old fashioned, wood-heated bathing tub, a grill hut and a lean-to shelter. The maintenance building includes toilets, shower, laundry room, laundry machine, as well as a space for cooking and doing the dishes. In the yard a playground and the Töysä local history museum. Ask about programme and activities! Note that the resort is open in the winter only upon demand. There is also a scene with various kinds of shows in the summer.
Niemenkyläntie 250, 63600 TÖYSÄ
tel. 0400 900 173

Tuuri Resorts

A new, high-quality resort in Tuuri. Cottages and other spaces available throughout the year. The resort is located only around 5 km from the department store in Tuuri. The resort includes an area for caravans and camping, a restaurant-café with a terrace, regular saunas and even a sauna with smoke aroma, showers, beach, a domestic animal farm, walking paths, ski tracks, and lots of other things!
Riihontie 321, 63610 Tuuri
tel. 040 66 333 71

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