Something for everyone

No matter what your age is, you will find something to do in Alavus.

Shopping lovers will be pampered in the biggest tourist attraction of Finland, Kyläkauppa Veljekset Keskinen, and enjoy its cosy atmosphere and the several other stores that are located nearby.

The ones who prefer activities instead of shopping may head to the minigolf course by the VillageShop, or even to Adventure Park Huikia. There is also a possibility to visit Finlands biggest Moomin playground in Tuuri! During the summer children can enjoy a fun day at the free amusement park, Miljoona Tivoli.

For example skydiving courses take place at the actively functioning airport in Alavus. For the craving of speed one can turn to carting, enduro, motocross or even snow scootering. For friends of more traditional horsepowers there are plenty of excellent horse riding stables.

Friends of culture can have a look at Gallery Harri and its varying art exhibitions or enjoy the funny plays at the summer theatre.

Various family events are arranged in cooperation between the many different groups of hobbyists as well as by Tuuri VillageShop throughout the year. One of the highlights of the summer is the traditional fair, Alavus Ryskööt, that takes place a week after midsummer (the celebration of the summer solstice).

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