Alavus airport and sky-diving

Alavus airport and sky-diving

Alavus has an active aviation club, whose main hobby is parachuting.

Approximately 2,500 parachute jumps every year and 30-50 pupils are trained in the secrets of the sport.

There is a hobbyist airport in Alavus. Apart from the runway, the area includes paved areas for refuelling and parking suitable for minor aviation activities, two aircraft hangars, the aviation club’s education area, as well as an area for accommodation and sauna.

Sky diving courses are held once a month from April to September. The course is held on Wed-Sun days, the first two days being theory, and others on practical training. The course includes two parachute jumps. The minimum age for the course is 15 years, with the consent of the guardian.

In addition to the courses, we organize parachute jumps and screen jumps. Activities can be explored on weekends, and in the summer on Wednesday evenings.

Also a possibility for tandem courses.

Courses in the summer 2019

10.-14.4.2019 Alavus airport
8.-12.5.2019 Seinäjoki Rengonharju airport
5.-9.6.2019 Alavus airport
10.-14.7.2019 Seinäjoki Rengonharju airport
25.-28.7.2019 Alavus, airport, intensive course
14.-18.8.2019 Alavus airport

Student Intensive Courses

28.-31.3.2019 Alavus, airport
16.-19.5.2019 Alavus, airport, registration:

Aviation club´s Activity Week 22.7-4.8.2019.

Open Doors at the Alavus airport and an Aviation Day 9.6.2019.

Welcome to get familiar with this exciting activity!

Alavus Aviation Ry (Alavuden Ilmailukerho Ry)
PL 12, 60101 Seinäjoki
Alavus Airport (Alavuden lentokenttä)
Savikonkydöntie 129, 63300 ALAVUS
Tel. 045 121 5767

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